Frequently Asked Questions.

What are Sinless Food vegan eggs made from?

Rice starch and pumpkin powder are the core of our eggs. But it has not been easy. We have worked very hard to vary the combinations of these and the rest of our ingredients listed on our product page to perfect just the right blend of perfection.We know eggs are delicious, but we also know they aren’t produced in a manner which quite sits right for us. That’s why we spent months in the kitchen perfecting the blend for you to enjoy at home!

Can you buy vegan fried eggs?

You sure can! Head over to our product range and pick the products right for you!

Are your vegan eggs healthy?

We have been able to reproduce as close as possible the taste and texture of a real egg and we have done it with less than half of the calories associated with a traditional egg. Ordinarily, eggs would be seen as a good source of protein, but to get the taste and texture just right, ours are much lighter on the protein with more emphasis going into the carbohydrate portion of nutrition.

How to Sinless Food eggs compare to a normal egg for nutrition?

Normal eggs are protein heavy, Sinless food eggs are not. We have put a lot of work into getting the taste and texture just right, as it turns out, the right blend is more carbohydrate heavy than a normal egg with a lower emphasis on protein.

Can vegan eggs help with a weight loss diet?

Absolutely! Even if you aren’t a vegan, but would love the idea of a fried egg or two in the morning, by replacing normal eggs with our Sinless Food eggs, you can cut your calorie intake by half!

Do Sinless Food vegan eggs taste good?

We think so! Then again we would. The process of getting the flavour just right has been a long time in development, with hundreds of combinations of different ingredients being tested, abandoned, adjusted, refined and perfected.

Do Sinless food vegan eggs work in baking?

We wouldn’t recommend our product as a substitute for eggs in baking. Although they work great as a savoury, there are other components to real eggs in baking that make them effective which don’t quite work here.

What do SInless Food vegan eggs taste like?

Our aim is to recreate as close as possible the taste and texture of a normal egg. Now there are limitations to what we are able to put into the eggs to keep them vegan friendly, but in our humble estimation, this is the closest thing you can get to the real thing, without having to eat the real thing!

is there a maximum timeframe for using the product once it's received?

Frozen products have 6 months of shelf life, hard boiled 10 days and cress spread 15 days.

How does delivery ensure the food is kept

We carefully pack the product into a jiffy bag with lots of ice. We do arrange next day delivery to make sure they will arrive to the consumer as expected.

If you place an order on Thursday, it will be shipped the following week while we do not dispatch on a Friday, it is too risky that the delivery might not be on time and so the product will be wasted.