Return Your Packaging

At Sinless Food, we want to reduce our environmental impact that using our product has on the Earth. 

We know many of our customers enjoy repeat orders from us and if this happens to be you, you can help us on our mission to reduce packaging waste.

If one or more of your orders totals 5 pieces of packaging or more, we would gladly accept your packaging returned to us with no costs incurred to yourself.

To do this, simply follow these 3 steps.

1. Please hold onto the packaging we send you.

2. Once you have received 5 pieces of our packaging and kept them in good condition, click the below link and scan the QR code to return to us absolutely free of charge.

3. Please use the below link and follow the instructions.

Information required will be one of your order numbers (included in your email confirmation), the store name (Sinless Food), and return reason as 'other'. Then drop off at any Post Office and they will deliver it back to us.

Thank you for helping us minimise our impact on the planet.

Many thanks!

The Sinless Food team